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6th Odessa State festival of international languages Raduga Movi

6th Odessa State Festival of international languages "Raduga Movi" organised by Odessa Regional Governor Administration held in Odessa. In this function 35 nationality, diaspores, NGO and others took part. The festival was started with the press conference with the main guest like General Counsels of Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Representative From Odessa Regional Governor Administration, Association of Indo-Ukraine friendship.

The Association of Indo-Ukraine friendship was honored with the certificate of gratitude and appreciation by the Odessa regional Governor Administration for supporting this kind of intellectual festivals. The main and general sponsors of this festival was Indian restaurant "Kamasutra"Odessa.

In this festival Member of Indian diaspora specialty students studying in ONMedU also took part and represent the Indian national language "HINDI" starting from its history of formation of language to today's modern days. The member of Indian diaspora represent the India national language in the way of classroom, which was continuously repeated for different group of peoples. Class includes learning of alphabets and daily use sentences and the history and link of Hindi with other languages and a very good representation of Indian accessories and ornaments, rupees and Indian traditional dress "Saree" with demonstration on model.

The representation was rate at good level by the public. At the the end of representation Indian delicious refreshment was given. Specially thanks to the group of the students of ONMedU who always ready and exiting to took part in this kind of function to make India proud on you for your patriotism and sacrifice towards your country which make two countries to come close to each other.


On 20th October, 2012 the Navratri Was celebrated at the hostel ground, Slabotka Yadova 4a, Odessa. The program started at 6 o clock with lakshmi pooja. Students of ONMedU organized the evening with a great devotion and pleasure with the support and assistance of the Association of Indo-Ukraine Friendship.

The evening program was attended by students of ONMEDU, indian residents of Odessa, people from different communities and nations living in Odessa. THe guests participated in the lakshmi pooja firstly. The pooja was followed by indian community stick dance called "the dandia dance". The beats of the evening was set up by the DJ to spice up the mood of the party. The guests danced and enjoyed, at the end of the session delicious indian refreshments were served. The program ended up finally with a photo session.

Diwali festival in Odessa
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