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Odessa National Medical University

While a lot of school graduates dream to study in Europe, some of them were lucky to make a great choice – to study in Ukraine at Odessa National Medical University. There are quite a number of reasons why this institution is worth of choice but it is really enough to deliberate several essential facts.

  • European quality education

    Odessa National Medical University is a major medical institution in Ukraine with the highest level IV of accreditation assigned by the State authorities. Founded in 1900, Odessa National Medical University takes pride in over 115 years of its history. About 75 000 of doctors were trained here of which over 6000 graduates and 300 doctors with specialization and super specialization represent different countries of Europe and Asia. Odessa National Medical University is a member of European and International Associations of universities as well as International Scientific Committee of UNESCO. ONMedU participates in Thematic Network on MEDINE (Medical Education in Europe) and is recognized by Medical Councils of USA, UK, India and other countries. Its curriculam adapted to the Bologna system allowing students to study in Europe while staying in Ukraine.

  • Best adapted for foreign students

    Odessa National Medical University welcomes students from all over the world providing them with education in English and today it offers both UG and PG courses in English medium. Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine awarded Odessa National Medical University for the introduction of present-day learning model for English speaking students. All the departments of the Odessa National Medical University have its websites with necessary educational materials published in English. Owing to clear and simple application procedure, standardized rules for admission and willingness of the administration to provide the official invitation for foreign students, it becomes really easy to study in Ukraine for those applicants who are eligible for the University requirements.

  • Up-to-date training process

    Odessa National Medical University provides coherent, fundamental special training in several fields of medine like General Medicine (M.B.B.S), Dentistry/stomatology (B.D.S) and Pharmaceutics (M.PHARMA). Training process includes testing, distance learning, credit-unit system, independent system of knowledge evaluation. If you would study in Europe, you’d have to look good for a university with such a powerful academic teaching staff: among more than 800 teachers there are 18 academicians, 105 professors and 407 candidates of medical science. On 20 000 m2 of Odessa National Medical University there are three museums, numerous library, publishing and printing complex, latter-day computer center. One more reason to study in Ukraine is the University clinical site with impressive 9648 patient beds. The clinical site comprises 35 full-rigged hospitals provided with all necessary conditions for training.

    Don’t hesitate to choose Odessa National Medical University for its high quality teaching and excellent facilities for student life!

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